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Lattice Structures:

Shri Harikrishna Industries manufactures steel lattice transmission line structures up to 765Kv including both self-supporting and guyed lattice towers. All of our tower types are trial assembled in our facility in order to ensure ease of assembly once it arrives on site. Our tower fabrication experience extends through welded lattice structures as well as the conventional bolted designs. In particular to lattice structures, the packing process (component packing) is a crucial step for efficient and trouble-free tower installation in the field. Shri Harikrishna Industries prides itself on this process that we have carried out for numerous transmission line projects over the years and have set the standards in the industry once again with regards to quality.

Sub Station Structures:

Substations continuously require a combination of both lattice and tubular structures, making Shri Harikrishna Industries a perfect choice for your project. If needed, we also have the design resources in house to compliment your engineering team. Shri Harikrishna Industries’s experience extends throughout our substation production, bringing yet another key element for project completion. By centralizing your lattice substation structure requirements, we can combine shipments in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costly contractor overruns when it comes to scheduling deliveries.


Multidisciplinary services from people who care

SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES is a company in constant evolution that offers a personalized and full-service to all of our business partners. Among all the specialty fields that our team has to offer, we do:


SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES has over 66 years of extensive design experience, including: Bridges, substation structures, tubular poles and lattice towers (up to 765kV). SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES engineers have been widely recognized as experts in design…


In the specialized market of transmission tower design, the knowledge and expertise of the detailing support staff that goes along with it is of utmost importance. As it is difficult to find qualified and experienced detailers particular to this industry …


The SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES team understands very well how critical the delivery component of any job can be. In order to offer the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation, we can ship material by rail, boat or truck. SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES is proud to be accredited…


Galvanizing is a process whereby steel is submerged in molten zinc in order to provide it with a protective coating, resulting in a significant extended life span. SHRI KRISHNA INDUSTRIES Galvanization has been in the industry since 1969. During this time, we have gained valuable experience with a wide variety of products. We are renowned for our high standards…

Transmission line construction

Shri Krishna Industries has expertise to construct transmission projects and Hundreds of miles of transmission lines for public and private clients. From voltages up to 765kV, we have the experience to handle all aspects of the process from material procurement, structure erection, wire stringing and overall project management.

Shri Krishna Industries has experience installing steel lattice structures up to 400’ in height. We construct steel lattice towers using steel reinforced concrete foundations in a wide variety of soil conditions.

While maintaining strong relationships with landowners and respecting and addressing environmental concerns on right-of-ways, we have expertise to complete projects in some of the most challenging conditions. From farmland to mountains, in solid rock or crossing bays, on flat sandy soil or on steep rocky inclines, we can get the job done.

Following are some of our areas of expertise:








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